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Berrynarbor Parish Council
Manor Hall, Berrynarbor

Representatives to Other Bodies

Berrynarbor Manor Hall Committee

Cllr Mrs J Fairchild

Combe Martin and District Tourism Association

Cllr Ms Lesley Lowe

Councillor to check invoices for payment

Cllr Ms Lesley Lowe

Councillor to initially check Planning Applications

Cllr Mrs G Bacon

Emergency Plan Officers

Cllr A Stanbury and A Coppin together with members of the village

Finance Working Party

Cllrs A Stanbury, S Barten and Mrs G Bacon


Footpath Officer: Cllr Mrs C White
Deputy Footpath Officer: Cllr Mrs G Bacon


Highways Liaison Officer and Tree Warden: Cllr A Coppin

Personnel Working Party

Cllrs Mrs S Barten, A Stanbury and Mrs G Bacon

Play Area Inspection

Cllr Mrs G Bacon